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Kalish DT Industries, once a pioneering force in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery and filling systems, was a distinguished division of DT Industries, Inc (DTI), a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of packaging machines and automation systems. Catering to a wide spectrum of consumer, industrial, and pharmaceutical products, the company was known for its innovative approach. Utilizing complementary technologies and extensive expertise, Kalish DT Industries contributed significantly to the packaging industry by developing systems and equipment that responded to customer needs and market trends. The legacy of Kalish DT Industries in advancing packaging technology remains influential.

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DTI, in its operational years, offered its engineering and manufacturing expertise to a diverse range of industries including components, electronics, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, food and nutritional products, high technology, hardware, medical devices, plastics, cosmetics, agriculture, chemicals, and healthcare. With a global footprint, DTI had established twenty-nine facilities and sales/service offices across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Holland, Puerto Rico, and China. The company, during its time, employed approximately 3,000 associates. Shares of DTI were once publicly traded on NASDAQ NMS under the symbol DTII, reflecting its significant presence in the market. 

Between 1999 and 2003, King was part of the DT Industries Packaging Group, located in Surrey, England. This group, with a history spanning over 60 years, was experienced in the design, development, manufacture, specification, and support of packaging machinery and filling equipment. Known for our innovative and creative solutions, we catered to a variety of markets including healthcare, pharmaceutical, personal care, toiletries, cosmetics, skincare, household, automotive products, and agro-chemical industries. Our innovative and creative packaging solutions and services, renowned for quality and efficiency, can be found in over 100 countries globally. 

In order to complement the diverse range of products, King developed the expertise and capability not only to combine its own equipment into complete systems but also to procure and integrate third party equipment that includes other DT Industries high speed Packaging Systems that offers total line supply. Today C.E.King Limited offer a wide variety of packaging machinery and spare parts, including spares for DT Kalish, centred on the liquid filling and tablet counting operations of any packaging line. 

We supply our customers with spare parts and servicing manuals for the following Kalish Packaging Machines:  Kalish 8440 Kotnr 120, Kalish Swiftpack Swiftcount, Kalish 5030 DL CAP-4 capper, Kalish 5145 Mini Bandit, Kalish 5130 Push through capper, Kalish accumulator Mk3, Kalish Filltronic, Kalish 5000 Kalishtronic, Kalish 7540 Turn Table, Kalish 7409 Kalisort, Kalish 7399 Kalisort, Kalish Swiftpack SPC2P Swiftcheck, Kalish Fillit and other. 

Further complementary services such as validation support, training, commissioning and maintenance complete the overall package King provide. Whether providing a single small benchtop packaging machine or a million pound fully integrated packaging line, high quality and excellent standards of customer and equipment support are hallmarks of our approach that leads many customers to return to King whenever they seek a new solution to their latest packaging challenge.  

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